Site Design and Brand Identity

Manhattan Film Institute

MFI was looking to completely update their website. I was able to deliver something that looks sleek and functions better for their needs. To keep their brand strategy consistent, I was subsequently hired to produce all graphics, flyers, and promotional material.

This 32-page website has a complex structure that functions well for the end-user.

Consistency is key.

Ensuring your brand stands out with a consistent message and theme, you want your brand values to shine through. For this site, we opted for a clean and simple design with a sophisticated tone.

Flyers and Graphics

From business cards to flyers, creative design can make the difference. Sometimes less is more! If someone sees your social media post in their newsfeed, they should immediately know it’s your company based on tone, style, and the visual presentation. I can work with you to design templates for future projects – or design each one for you!